A parish of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian (Byzantine) Catholic Eparchy serving the greater Sacramento area. 

Holy Wisdom Eastern Catholic Parish

A Parish of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian (Byzantine) Catholic Eparchy of Chicago

Holy Days and Events, 2022

 Dear Parishioners & Friends:  

Christ Is Risen!  Indeed He Is Risen!


Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy::  Palm Sunday, April 10th, there will be no services at La Casa.  We will celebrate our Divine Liturgy at St. Andrew's Ukrainian Catholic Church,  located at 7001 Florin Road, Sacramento at 9 a.m.

Easter Divine Liturgy:  We will celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ  on Saturday, April 16th at 4 p.m. at Christ the King Retreat Center, La Casa,  6520 Van Maren Lane, in Citrus Heights.  The Liturgy will be preceded by Easter Matins and will be followed by the blessing of Easter Baskets.   Services in English.  We invite you to come and meet Fr Vasyl Miziuk and worship with our community.  

Thomas Sunday, April 24th, is Easter on the Julian Calendar.  We will not have our regular 9 a.m. Divine Liturgy on that Sunday.  We are all invited to attend services at St. Andrew's, 9 a.m. Easter Matins, 10 a.m. Divine Liturgy followed by the blessing of Easter baskets.  Services in Ukrainian.


Blessings to all and thank you for your continued support of our parish!


About our Holy Shroud
The Plashchanytsya

The Holy Shroud (Plashchanytsya) we have was given to us by Holy Resurrection Monastery, formerly of Newberry Springs California, and its Ihumen (Head), Father Nicholas Zacharaidis, via Holy Theophany Monastery in Olympia Washington. The Shroud was originally given to the monks by the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great in Uniontown Pennsylvania.

When Holy Resurrection received the Shroud it was already old and was probably one of the first Shrouds to be made that uses the English language for the inscription of the Troparion of the Noble Joseph. The Shroud appears to have been made by the Sisters in Uniontown, then sent to a parish and then again found its way back to Uniontown. When the Holy Resurrection Monastery was founded a number of years ago, the monks needed a Plashchanytsya and the Uniontown Sisters gave them the shroud.

A few years ago, the monks acquired a new shroud. When the Sisters at Holy Theophany Monastery needed a Shroud, Father Nicholas loaned them the Shroud given to them by the Sisters in Uniontown. The sisters in Olympia acquired a new Plashchanytsya, and Father Abbot asked them to send the one he had loaned them to Holy Wisdom.

Thus the Shroud that we used this Holy Week is a “hand-me-down” and it is a holy “hand-me-down” that shows its age, which also shows us the many blessings that have poured out from it. One quickly sees that it is worn and tattered in places. But, it has been venerated in a good number of churches by many people, and, although it is worn, it still is worthy of veneration. We are very fortunate to have been given this blessed article Please pray for all of the benefactors over the years who cherished OUR shroud and saw fit to give it to us for our services on Good and Great Friday. And that is the rest of the Story!